Jason & the Nashville Scorchers --- "Take me Home, Country Roads" Recorded live at the Cat's Records Outdoor Show, Labor Day, 1982. Jason climbs the billboard!  

Jason & the Nashville Scorchers --- "Broken Whiskey Glass" Recorded live at the Cat's Records Outdoor Show, Labor Day, 1982. "Some day you'll find a dentist's chair that reads 'Here lies Jason...."   

Jason & the Nashville Scorchers - "Why Baby Why and Heartache by the Numbers" Recorded live at the Cat's Records Outdoor Show, Labor Day, 1982.

Never in Nashville -- The Entire EP as One File (10.2Mb)

Track List in Original Order:
WRVU's Local Heroes Cassette -- The Entire Album as One File (40.2Mb)

Side One:

Side Two:


City Without a Subway -- The Entire Album as One File (33Mb)

Side One:
Side Two:


Other Goodies:

Actuel --- "Until Another Time"   Recorded live, 1982.
Actuel --- "Days End" Unreleased demo from 1982.
Actuel --- "Say You Will"
Actuel --- "You and I"
Actuel --- "No Regrets"
Afrikan Dreamland --- "Live at 91 Rock Benefit" Recorded live, February 12, 1983. Includes "I Believe(?)", "Last Chance to Dance", and "The New Circle".
Basic Static --- "She's A Boy"
Bill Lloyd / December Boys --- "One Word"
Bill Lloyd / December Boys --- "Everybody's Got Something to Hide ('cept for Me and My Monkey)"  Recorded live at Elliston Square, 9.6.86.
Bill Lloyd & Marshall Crenshaw --- "Nashville Blues"
The Boilers --- "Younger Days"
The Bunnies --- "What's Wrong?"
Chapel of Roses --- "Chapel of Roses"
Civic Duty --- "Red Wing Bird"
Civic Duty --- "Long Way to Heaven"
Civic Duty --- "Dark Stars"
Committee for Public Safety --- "41 Minutes of Fury"   Live at the NIR Benefit Show, May 28, 1983. Includes a guest appearance by "Baptist Youth".
CPS --- "Pat's Theme"   From the vault, still loud and abrasive. Enjoy.
CPS --- "Radio Sucks" Recorded live at the NIR Benefit, May 28, 1983.
Davis Deluxe --- "When the Lights Go Down"  
The Dayts --- "I Don't Want You Around"
Dessau --- "Imperial Hotel"
The Enemy --- "I Can't Quit"
The Enemy --- "Jesus Rides a UFO" -- Now even better in stereo....
Factual --- "Your Way"
Factual --- "Think to the Beat"
Factual --- "Wire & Chrome"
Freedom of Expression --- "Keep It Burning"
Go Jimmy Dub --- "Triple X Sex"
Go Jimmy Dub --- "Other Lovers"
Go Jimmy Dub --- "Bamboo Bay"
Go Jimmy Dub --- "J.J.'s Place"
Guilt --- "Troublemaker"
Guilt --- "Talk to Me"
The Hots --- "Whose Side Are You On?"  From "The London Side of Nashville" 
In Pursuit --- "Only for You"
In Pursuit --- "Losing Control"
In Pursuit --- "When Darkness Falls"
In Pursuit --- "Standing in Your Shadow"
Jane His Wife --- "It's Over Now"
Jerry Dale McFadden --- "Country Beats the Hell Out of Me"
Jet Black Factory --- "Tonight"
Jet Black Factory --- "Water's Edge"
Jet Black Factory --- "By the Temple"
The Most --- "Dream Girl"  From "The London Side of Nashville"  
The Movement --- "Here I Stand"
The Movement --- "Living in a Trance"
The Movement --- "Temporary"
Paper Dolls --- "He's a Heartache"
Paper Dolls --- "He's the One"
The Piggys - "I Don't Wanna Know"
Placid Fury --- "All the Time"
Practical Stylists --- "In the City" (Live at Spanky's, July 1982)
Practical Stylists --- "Paperback Writer"(Live at Cantrell's, Sept. 1982)
Practical Stylists --- "Please Please Me" (Live at Cantrell's, Sept. 1983)
Practical Stylists --- "Box Office" (Live at Exit In, Feb. 1984)
Practical Stylists 2.0 --- "With Me Now"  Demo from 2nd band line-up.
Practical Stylists 2.0 - "The Big Time"
Questionnaires --- "Crossword"
Questionnaires --- "Red Tears" (Original Version)
Questionnaires --- "Slug City"
Raging Fire --- "It's a Family Thing"
Raging Fire --- "You Should Read More Books"
Raging Fire --- "The Pain of Loss Imagined"  Previously unreleased.
Rowdy Yates --- "In Your Way"
Rowdy Yates --- "Together"
Royal Court of China --- "It's All Changed"
Royal Court of China --- "Forget Me Nots"
Rumble Circus --- "Teenage Sensation"
Rumble Circus --- "Scarce & Scattered"
Rumble Circus --- "Hotter Than a Lizard in the Sun"
Sgt. Arms --- "Little White Rooms"
Sixty Nine Tribe --- "Out w/ Girls"
Sixty Nine Tribe --- "Cycle Girls"
Swing --- "Dear Forgetful"
Swing --- "Breaking Things"
Swing --- "How to Build a Little World"
The Times --- "Jet Set"
The Times --- "I Didn't Know"
Tip & Mitten (members of Young Grey Ruins) --- "Dyin' Time"
Tip & Mitten --- "Madeline, Madly"
Walk the West --- "Backside"   Original demo version.
Walk the West --- "Theme"
Walk the West --- "Sheriff of Love"
The Wayouts --- "Nothing New"
The Wayouts --- "The Way I Am"
The Wayouts --- "Do You Think I Care?"
White Animals --- "She's So Different"
White Animals --- "This Girl of Mine"
Wild Frontier --- "Unconditional Love"
Will & the Bushmen --- "Blow Me Up"
Will Rambeaux / Delta Hurricanes --- "Jenny Drives a Mustang"
Will Rambeaux & Warner Hodges --- "Stay Away from Rock N' Roll"
Word Uprising --- "Ruled Out"
Word Uprising --- "Uptight"
Wrong Band --- "Wrong Song"
The Young Nashvillians --- "Amelia"
The Young Nashvillians --- "Jumper Cables"